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Advantages of having a Fireplace in your Home

Dreaming up your new space and wondering if a focal fireplace is right for you? The Firewood Company takes a look at the top reasons why the addition of a fireplace in your new abode is the perfect addition. PLUS: make the most out of your heat.

Let’s face it, you just can’t go past the atmosphere that a roaring fireplace creates on a cold winter's evening. The hum and crackle of the wood and the warming of hands with a hot mug of tea can certainly create a relaxing vibe for any home. But what other benefits does the addition of a fireplace bring to your home in comparison to other heating methods?

Let’s Talk Electricity

One of the most beneficial aspects of fireplaces is their use - if any - of electricity. If you have a fan-powered fireplace, this can utilize a small amount of electricity, but for the majority of heat vs power, it is very small. Unlike heat pumps and electric fireplaces - a real fireplace and wood burner does not need electricity to function and produce ample heat for your home.

This is also a big benefit at times where you may be cut off from electric supplies during winter due to storms or the like. Meaning you will be able to efficiently heat your home, without the need of power.

All About the Long Term

It’s known that adding a woodfire is also a good investment for your home. Even though the initial costs may be high to install, the money you will save in terms of heating costs will quickly reimburse you for your investment. According to some research, fireplaces and wood burners can also increase the value of your home by up to five percent and also increase saleability. They are a focal selling point, and on the list for features for many new homebuyers.

They are also hugely back in fashion. The trend dropped off a few decades ago with the hype of central heating options and heat pumps, however, nothing seems to top the atmosphere and elements a burning fireplace brings to a home. In other words - they look good! Not only do they offer a huge amount of functional qualities to a dwelling, but they also provide a beautiful focal point in many rooms around the world.

Fireplaces can make a big statement piece in a room. Donning the luxury abodes for the rich and famous, a quality that has not gone unnoticed by the average person. They add that all-important element of sophisticated style regardless of the theme of the home - from traditional and vintage homes to ultra-modern and chic abodes.

Carbon Neutral

Another important point to installing a wood burner and fireplace is that they are carbon neutral. Yes, they are burning, however, compared to other heat sources they are known to be carbon neutral and their impact is not large on an environmental part. This is particularly true for new and modern fireboxes that burn cleanly.

Ensuring you keep your fireplace in good condition, with a well cared for and cleared chimney and flue, your fire can burn surprisingly clean. Open fireplaces are not so good when it comes to keeping the smoke down and creating a clean burn. Consider eco-friendly wood-burners and fireplaces, and efficient designs to keep your carbon footprint low while enjoying all the benefits wood burners produce.

Also, consider where you purchase your wood from and if they are also working with sustainable growers. This can also help keep you in the steed when it comes to thinking about the environmental impact your fireplace has, in comparison to burning through power.

They Produce Good Heat

The most important point is that a fireplace can produce a fantastic amount of heat. In fact some studies suggest they can exceed 80% efficiently! Meaning they create 80% heat from the wood being burned. When you look at how much heat this is, it is very impressive.

The key with fireplaces is to ensure you have positioned them in the correct location of your house to make use of all that wonderful heat. If you find that some of your rooms are still struggling with the cold, consider installing a heat transfer kit in your roof that can pump the heat from one room into another. This will allow your fireplace to heat your entire home.


Creating the Perfect Atmosphere

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again - nothing beats the roar and crackle of a fireplace! They are a staple when it comes to creating a warm inviting element into any room and provide a relaxing vantage point for any space.

Plus it’s been determined to actually relax us! Some research conducted has shown that heart rates decrease alongside blood pressure when humans are in close contact with a relaxing fireplace - hence the reason we all love fireplaces and that crack and hum of a campfire. Many believe this could be caused by days long gone when a fire was necessary for survival and life.

The sound, the smell, and the sight of fire can be incredibly relaxing for the human spirit. It’s no surprise that having this safely contained in your own living room is so attractive to many.

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