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Delivering quality cut wood to the Marlborough region, New Zealand. With all wood, we advise an 80/20 collection of softwoods and hardwoods for ease of lighting and a longer burn time.
Load sizes - 3.6 & 7.2 cubic meters - the more you buy the more you save! Price below for 3.6 - call today for a free quote.
Pine - $270

Pine is a popular choice for many New Zealand homes during winter. This softwood is wonderful for kindling and producing good heat. Pine dries quickly and needs to be stored correctly in woodsheds and covered areas. However, it’s important to remember that all soft woods, burn much faster than other varieties. Having a good mix of soft and hard woods is ideal for your winter requirements.

Douglas Fir - $280

Douglas Fir is well-known as a good all-around softwood for fireplaces. It produces good heat and burn time ratio. Plus it’s also easy to spilt making it a good choice for kindling purposes. It produces little sparks and crackling making it a preferable option to many. Like with pine, we suggest including some hardwoods into the mix to ensure longer and more sustainable burns once your fire is lit.

Gum - $350

Gum is by far one of the most common hardwood varieties used as firewood. It is much heavier than pine and gives a good burn time. The wood produces a good heat once the fire is roaring. With Gum, we advise starting your fire with pine and popping the logs into the fireplace once it’s happily humming for ample heat production.

Old Man Pine - $280
Old man.jpg

Old Man Pine is a wonderful pine that is easy to light and is slightly denser than normal pine. As the name states old man pine is normally sourced from much older trees being 25+ years old. The wood burns slower than average pine and also makes for good kindling. It is known to produce heavy smoke as it contains heavy resins and tars.

Macrocarpa - $360

Like with Gum, Macrocarpa is a good choice for fireplaces this winter. It is also a common hardwood that produces great heat and a long sustainable burn. It is known to crackle and spark and is advised for closed wood burning systems.