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Firewood – renewable, sustainable, and carbon-neutral

Living in an ultra-environmentally conscious world, where does that leave our roaring fireplaces? The Firewood Company takes a look at the environmental impacts of burning firewood and the importance of understanding where your wood comes from.

If you are blessed to live in areas that are surrounded by forestry, you’ll understand the beauty and bliss these wonderfully tendered trees bring. They not only add a huge atheistic quality to the environment around them, but trees also play a vital role in absorbing carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. Trees play a huge part in the lungs of the world as the tall green kings of CO2 absorption.

For this reason, your chosen firewood should be sourced from sustainably managed forests. What does this mean? It ensures that the wood you are buying is grown with consideration to the environment. Working within three main pillars including ecological, economic, and socio-cultural. Sustainable forest management has clear principles and guidelines to certify that the wood they grow, and harvest, is done in an eco-friendly manner.

At The Firewood Company, we are proud to only source our firewood from sustainably managed forests. So you can be sure when purchasing and burning your wood, you are doing it from a reliable source. Interestingly, whether you choose to burn your wood, or allow it to decay into the ground over many years, it will still create the same amount of carbon. The only question is the speed at which this occurs. Remembering that all wood will release the carbon stored and absorbed over its lifetime as a tree.

Replanting and supporting forestry that continues to keep the cycle of trees and replacing those harvested is important, to keep the lungs of the world functioning and improving. Other heating practises such as gas, oil, or coal release carbon, however, they do not have an equal amount of reabsorption of CO2 as with firewood that is sourced from a sustainable forest.

Because wood is renewable and sustainable, unlike many other heating sources, it has earned itself the term of being carbon neutral and is recognised by the Carbon Trust.

Other considerations – all about the burn

When it comes to burning your fire ensuring you are using the correct fireplace for the job is important. Having a fireplace that is too large is a waste of wood and will increase the carbon released when it is not required. Also, consider the types of wood you choose to burn. Some burn quick and fast, meaning you are continuously topping up your fireplace, while others will burn slow and long.

Many wood burners now being utilised in homes are super-efficient. This has seen much lower emissions compared to old outdated units of the past. Some are so efficient they are even approved in smokeless environments.


Investing in slow-burning wood, alongside your fire-starters like pine, can allow you to heat your home efficiently with a long slow burn. Meaning you will be using less wood and ultimately letting off less carbon during your heating months.

At The Firewood Company, we are proud to only support sustainable forestry practises while providing important information to our clients on how to get the most out of their wood and burn practices.

Needing wood? You know who to call!

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