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With winter in full swing, The Firewood Company looks at the importance of keeping safe around your fireplace. PLUS: safety in your woodshed.

There is nothing quite so special as gathering around a roaring fireplace during the wintertime. The sound of cracking wood and flickering flames certainly signals that winter is in for the evening. However, around this time of year, many pets and people succumb to injuries caused by our love of fireplaces.

Many homes with children invest in fireguards to help keep the kids away from the fireplace. It’s highly recommended that guards are commercially made to ensure they are fire-retardant and not posing a risk to your home. There are many options available that include smaller gates to allow for easy access to reload your fire, while other models can be completely moved.

For some, the fireguard may seem unsightly, however, the risk of burn injuries to small children who accidentally touch or fall on the fire door can be horrific. It only takes a quick second to scar a child for life. Using chairs or other household items to block off the fire can restrict your fireplace from working efficiently, but it can also lead to a possible home fire.

If you are considering building a new fireplace and have small children, another option is raising the fireplace off the floor. A raised fireplace not only makes a wonderful focal point in your home it can also reduce the risk of children falling onto them. Smaller, more attractive guards can then be placed directly in front of the door rather than encompassing the entire front of the fire.

It is also important not to hang clothing or wet clothes in front of the fireplace over your guard. Not only will this prevent the heat from penetrating the room, but it can also cause a fire hazard.

Guards are not only useful to keep children safe, they are also great to help prevent your pet from getting burnt. It is not uncommon to hear of dogs with scorched bottoms or burnt noses from getting too close to the fireplace.

Training is also paramount when it comes to dogs. Teaching them a boundary around your fireplace will prevent painful and expensive veterinary treatments.

Safety in the Shed

The woodshed can be a wondrous place for children to play, however, it does come at a risk. Incorrectly stacked wood can easily fall and trap a small child. Prevention is key.

  • Stack your wood correctly and safely

  • Don’t stack the wood too high

  • Discourage children climbing on wood stacks

  • Discourage children from playing in the woodshed

Most children will pride themselves on helping mum and dad with wood collection. Parent supervision is important with these tasks, particularly for smaller children. Consider building a smaller wood stack for small children so they can safely help, without the dangers of the woodpile falling on them. Kindle collection is a wonderful way for small children to help with the daily collection of wood.

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