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Top Trending Fireplaces of 2021

Thinking of adding some warmth with a wonderful focal point to your home with the addition of a new fireplace? The Firewood Company looks at the top fireplace trends in 2021 and why adding a fireplace could be the perfect addition to your new or existing home.

There is nothing quite as special as the cracking and popping of a roaring fireplace. There is no doubt fireplaces not only look stunning but can also create a very special atmosphere on a cold winter's night. Even with the evolution of heat pumps and other heating devices for the home, the traditional roaring fireplace continues to be a very popular choice for homeowners around the world. With gas now threatening to become phased out over the next decade, the traditional fireplace is making a big comeback with some impressive features.

With the current pandemic and many of us spending more time at home, the desire to bring the outdoors in is big in 2021. The humble fireplace has also become a more popular addition to new homes to help create the warmth and attraction only a roaring fireplace can offer. We look at some of the stunning designs coming into the world of fireplaces to help inspire your next fireplace renovation or addition.

Think Surrounds

When considering your fireplace it’s a good idea to really consider how you will dress up your new firebox. Adding a beautiful surround can make all the difference and turn your fireplace from a basic heat source to a focal point in your home.

Stone surrounds are certainly in, and this traditional feature can add an element of nature while looking absolutely spectacular. Many homeowners also consider building their fireplace up off the floor to give an element of height. Encasing the entire flue in a stone surround is perfect for larger areas.

For smaller areas consider mantelpieces to add that element of style while making a chic statement in your home. You must adhere to council rules and regulations in terms of the distance you can have your mantelpiece above and beside your fireplace. Adding stone around the inside of your mantel is certainly trending in 2021. Dark woods combined with a light grey natural stone not only looks stylish when the fireplace is not in use, but they also add an element of warmth while you enjoy your roaring winter fire.


Get Rustic with your Hearth

If you are looking for that rustic, industrial feel, get inspired with some interesting additions or keeping the flue exposed. Encasing your flue and adding focal hoods in copper or other metals can add that wow factor to your fireplace. Exposed brickwork, combined with interesting hearths can ensure your firebox is not a boring standard feature. These types of fireplaces work wonderfully in country-themed homes, or industrial-style abodes. Get busy researching and designing your dream hearth and rustic fireplace. There is plenty of inspiration on the internet to ensure your new fireplace stands the test of time when it comes to design.

Modern & Chic

Fireplaces can also grace many modern and ultra-chic homes. Think block colours and complete build-ins to ensure you keep with the clean fresh lines of your modern home. Keeping the mantel the same colour as the walls, and slightly building this out can create an encased firebox, that stands out while blending in beautifully when not in use. It’s all about keeping with the flow and angles of the room while adding a lovely focal point when the fire is burning. Another consideration is also using natural stone surrounds such as marble, to compliment the firebox while keeping with the openness of the room.

With a little creativity, you can design the fireplace of your dreams. With so many options for homeowners, you can create the perfect fireplace that will add value while keeping your home beautifully warm in the winter.

Don’t forget your wood – you know who to call!

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