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Top Firewood Tips

Looking for some tips with your fireplace and those pesky problems when it comes to dealing with firewood? We’ve got you covered!

The Firewood Company has been doing some research to help you overcome some of those annoying aspects of firewood. From getting prepared earlier, to removing that sap off your hands. We look at all the tips and tricks that can help you prepare for the winter season easily and stress-free.

Sticky Sap

It’s no surprise to seasoned firewood stackers that sap can be an annoying problem for many hardworking hands. Pine can be sticky even when dried and seasoned. The sap can be brilliant for igniting a fire, so having a little sap in your firewood is certainly not a bad thing. The only problem is that when stacking or fetching your firewood this gummy substance can be incredibly difficult to remove from your hands. Washing with just warm water and soap may remove some of the residues however most of it will stay firmly in place. The trick is to use alcohol-based hand sanitizer (which most of us have ample supply of recently) or nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol. Some also suggest using toothpaste! Gently rub in circular motions on the affected area to remove.

If you have sap on your carpet, try a solution of dishwashing liquid and hot water. Use a soft brush and work in circular motions. Blot dry with a clean towel. With clothing, it’s a good idea to remove the sap before you wash. Rubbing alcohol will remove the sap and then wash your garment as normal. Always do a test patch on your garment before proceeding to ensure you do not damage your clothing.


Dry wood is seasoned wood. Seasoned firewood has most of the sap dried out and the moisture content should be less than 25%. Seasoned wood is easier to burn and produces much less smoke than unseasoned wood, plus it produces more heat!

Rushed Winters

Find yourself every winter rushing to stack your woodshed and build up your firewood supplies? With firewood companies still working through the summer months it’s a great idea to invest in your wood early. Purchasing through the warmer months has a huge advantage when it comes to stacking your woodshed. Not only can you take the time needed to ensure your wood is correctly stacked, but it can also allow your wood to continue to season through the warmer months. This will ensure your wood is 100% dry and easily accessible when the winter months hit. Plus – with those occasional cold snaps hitting us in the off-season you’ll be able to spark up the fireplace with no concerns.

Many experts advise purchasing your wood in spring and summer to allow it to air completely. This is particularly true if you are buying unseasoned woods. It also allows you to beat the rush, have an easier delivery and give you ample time to stack your woodshed. You’ll also be able to pick the day you stack and won’t be worried about the cold wet weather making a laborious task even less enjoyable. Allowing you to be better prepared and go at your own pace when organising your woodshed.


When stacking your wood remember to lift it off the ground and ensure the old fashion saying – a mouse should be able to run through your stack! This will allow for airflow during the summer period and help keep your wood moisture-free.

Chimneys & Fireboxes

Have a problem with birds during the summer and winter? Consider a bird guard on the top of your chimney. It’s also important to have your chimney checked yearly for any issues and it’s always best to call in professionals for this job.

This should be done every year or around every 80 burns. It's also a good idea to trim any trees around your chimney and keep these nice and short. Keeping up with this regularly will allow for ease when it comes to the burning season and prevents you scrambling in horrific weather to get the job done.

It’s also a good idea to pay your firebox some attention with a good clean and spruce up. Keeping up with all the little things during the warmer months can help you get sorted for the fire season. If you notice any broken bricks now is the time to get these fixed or replaced.

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